In addition to our other services, Draft Doctor is also pleased to offer a wide selection of products essential for the operation of your bar/restaurant.

Got Fruit flies?

Or usually get them?

Don't worry!

Draft Doctor has got you covered!

We now carry the only product in creation that completely eliminates these nasty infestations!

No! It's not fly paper No! It's not a fly trap No! It's not another spray or repellent

Yes! It will eliminate infestation and bar odors

And continue to protect around the clock for as long as you're using it.

SG#22 (Solid Green #22 Bio-Active)

fruit fly with circle and line.png
  • Can be used in mopping applications in kitchens, restrooms and dock areas to breakdown organic material and for odor control

  • Made with all rapidly degradable materials

  • Contains no phosphate, volatile organic compounds, NPEs or pH contributors

  • Bacterial source are not harmful to humans or animals
w Certified to be salmonella free

  • Keeps drain lines free-flowing and grease traps functioning properly, reducing BODs, CODs and suspended solids

  • Eliminates odors from drains and grease traps

  • US Patent #6,150,316


Draft Doctor proudly offers a number of products from Sunburst Chemicals, including solutions for dishwashing as well as general restaurant janitorial, food service and industrial laundry chemical.


WM Berg

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We are proud to offer Berg products. WM Berg products have a commitment to quality. The heart of quality lies in their core values such as continuous improvement and total associate engagement. They are always working to improve their process to achieve quality precision mechanical components and assemblies. They strive to always provide solutions to fit their customers' needs, on time.


Ice-O-Matic ice machines

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In addition to offering a variety of ice machines and underbar ice makers from Ice-O-Matic, we also offer service plans to ensure you take care of what is often the most neglected piece of machinery behind the bar.